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  • What happens at a hair loss consultation?
    An in-person consultation is recommended for assessment. During the hair loss consultation, our hair loss specialist discusses your hair loss issue & asks general questions to understand your concerns. During the hair loss consultation, our hair loss specialist uses microscopic camera technology to examine the entire scalp for the areas of concern. With our hair mapping system, we then discuss the best course of action.
  • When should I get a hair loss consultation?
    You should get a hair loss consultation at the first signs of excessive shedding, large amounts of lost hair during combing or brushing, hair loss with little to no manipulation, & growth in exposed scalp areas.
  • Is their privacy during my appointment?
    Yes! We have a one-on-one setting to service our clients, strictly for your comfort!
  • Does BBS specialize in hair regrowth?
    No. BBS specializes in aesthetic services to clients who have experienced or are currently experiencing hair loss issues. Our hair loss specialists use products & techniques formulated to protect the integrity of the hair & to reduce further loss. While some products used may stimulate growth, it is not guaranteed for each individual client.
  • Where are you located?
    BBS is located at 2293 Gallatin Pike North Suite 110 Madison, TN 37115. We are inside of LUX Salon Suites.
  • Does BBS accept walk ins?
    No. We strive to give each & every client the privacy & one on one attention they deserve during their appointment. We do not accept walk ins to keep interruptions to a minimum & to respect the time of our clients & stylists.
  • How is pricing done?
    ALL pricing is based on the time used to complete each service. Every client is different & requires different levels of care. All prices listed are BASE PRICES, meaning the price listed is where the pricing STARTS to have that particular service performed.
  • Does BBS sell hair?
    No. All extensions for services are provided by the client.
  • Are you only open on Friday & Saturdays?
    At this time, yes, BBS is only open on Fridays & Saturdays. Our services extend to those in healthcare facilities who are not able to come to us, so we go to them Mon-Thurs. We are growing our staff so that we are able to service all of our amazing clients throughout the week. Thank you for your patience & understanding!
  • Is a deposit required to book an appointment?
    Yes, a deposit of 50% of the service BASE fee is required to book an appointment. This ensures respect for your time as well as our stylists. When our time is allocated properly we can give you the attention & service you deserve! Example booking deposit: haircut $25, shampoo/style (starting at) $60. deposit: $12.50+$30= $42.50 Your deposit is used toward your TOTAL SERVICE PRICE. ALL services have a listed BASE PRICE. For services with (starting at) pricing, final prices are accessed at your appt due to the complexity of your service. Again, this is to properly accommodate each client & the stylist.
  • How do I book multiple services?
    Each service is listed as A LA CATRE to give each client customizable options. Each service must be selected to be booked. Example: A client wants a haircut & shampoo/style. BOTH the haircut & shampoo/style services must be selected to ensure proper time allotted for each client.
  • What if I am running late for my appointment?
    BBS offers a 10min grace period for your appointment. If there is an emergency, please notify your stylist as soon as possible. After the grace period expires, your deposit is forfeited & the current appointment is canceled. In order to rebook you must submit a new deposit.
  • What if I need to cancel my appointment?
    Notify your stylist within 48 hrs (2 days) PRIOR to your appointment. We do understand things happen, however, DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Same day cancellations & NO CALL/NOSHOW cancellations will be charged the FULL service base price of the booked appointment & will NOT be allowed to rebook. In order to re-book a CLIENT canceled appointment that the stylist was made aware of, a new deposit must be submitted. Thank you for helping our staff to properly serve you!
  • What if my stylist has to cancel my appointment?
    Unfortunately, emergencies happen. If a stylist should have to cancel your appointment, you will be notified as soon as possible & given options as to when you can reschedule your appointment. Your deposit will be held for the NEW appointment date. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your schedule for any inconvenience.
  • Does BBS offer refunds?
    No. Under no circumstances does BBS offer a refund on ANY services performed OR on deposits submitted for booking. We also can NOT issue refunds on products purchased due to them being personal items & may not be reused from client to client. If an item purchased is defective, we will determine the extent of the damage & if the item can be exchanged.
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